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On Lawyerist and its companion forum, the Lawyerist LAB, you will find information and advice for innovative lawyers who are starting or building a law practice. We experiment with technology, billing, marketing, practice models, and more—so you don’t have to.

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Legal Technology

Luddites are a losing proposition for firms and clients. If you want to know about the cutting edge—or keep company with lawyers who are on it—we’ve got posts for you.

Practice Management

Lawyerist takes an expansive view of practice management, which means our posts are useful for all lawyers, whether SmallLaw, BigLaw, PublicLaw, or OtherLaw. Check out these posts for information on being productive, client service, using forms effectively, and much more.

Starting a Law Firm

Most lawyers have their own firms, and the number of lawyers with solo practices or small firms is growing. We’ll talk you through starting a firm, from your starting budget to operations manuals to office space. Even if you aren’t
going out on your own, though, you will do better if you act like you are, so read on!

Law School

Look to either side. One of you won’t be here, come graduation. Another one won’t get a job. Success in law school matters more than ever before, but don’t panic. We’ve got posts about law school success, exams, job searching, and more. We’ll even help you get ready to start your own law firm.

Lawyering Skills

From litigation tactics to contract drafting to avoiding screwups (or dealing with them)—and beyond!—we have oodles of information on lawyering.

Legal Careers

Getting a job ain’t easy these days. Our posts can help you think about your career path, find jobs, apply for jobs, and get jobs. See also starting a law firm, below.

Legal Ethics

Toeing the line isn’t easy when the line isn’t always clear. Our ethics contributors have covered everything from texting clients to cloud computing, and pretty much everything in between.

Legal Marketing

For most modern lawyers, marketing is no longer optional. Learn to get the most out of your marketing time and money—online and offline—from practicing lawyers as well as expert consultants.