News Flash: Beating Client with A Baseball Bat is Unethical

Recently the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia issued a per curium opinion on a disciplinary matter [PDF] for attorney Joshua M. Robinson, who had severely beaten a client with a baseball bat. The court determined that:

It is apparent from the record before us that Mr. Robinson intentionally violated his duties to his client, the public, the legal system, and the legal profession. Mr. Gump was seriously injured when Mr. Robinson repeatedly beat him with a wooden bat and then continued to beat him as he lay defenseless on the ground.

(Order, p. 7.) Given that Mr. Robinson pled guilty to the felony of unlawful wounding, it seems appropriate that the court upheld his sanctions (including annulling his law license and requiring significant psychological evaluation and treatment prior to reinstating it).

For more (and to see why Mr. Robinson should have been on notice that this was a bad idea), check out the related story on Lowering the Bar.

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  1. Amazing what the courts have to deal with, ain’t it!

  2. Avatar Ashley Casas says:

    You don’t say?! This guy needs some anger management classes. Or a year or so in a nuthouse is not a bad idea.

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