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Law Blog Week in Review: Your Brief’s Secret Ambition, a New Incubator, & the Fastcase 50

I’m pretty sure SCOTUSBlog founder Tom Goldstein is pumped to be right next to yours truly in this year’s Fastcase 50.


Brydge+ with Speakers Bluetooth iPad Keyboard Review

The Brydge+ with Speakers is a full-size, all-aluminum Bluetooth keyboard that basically turns your iPad into a small laptop.


MITs: A Simple Way to Be More Productive

This simple practice will instantly make you more productive, every day.


Law Blog Week in Review: Smartphone Warrants, Real Numbers, and Going Paperless by Force

Welcome back from the holiday weekend, Americans! I hope you had a great weekend drinking things, grilling things, and watching pretty explosions.


Law Blog Week in Review: Watch Out for Human Botnets Spewing Social Media Spam!

Did anyone try my Orange Vanilla Absinthe Cocktail in Need of a Better Name from last week's law blog roundup? If you did, tell me what you think. If you didn't, get on it.


Lawyers Must Know How to Type

For lawyers and anyone else who makes a living from words, the ability to type fast is an essential — not optional — skill.


Law Blog Week in Review: Hipsters Love Cops, Hate Plaintiffs, and Lawyers Share Cocktail Recipes

Should laptops be banned from classrooms? Are hipsters ruining the court system? How important are responsive websites? Do you have an awesome cocktail recipe? Find out in the Law Blog Week in Review!


Make Your Law-Firm Website’s First Sentence Count

Ten seconds is about how long you have to convince the average visitor to your law firm website to stick around. That is just about long enough to read one sentence — so it better be a good one.


How to Design Your Firm’s Paperless Workflow

Buying a good document scanner is obviously critical for going paperless. So is a solid backup strategy. After that, you can pretty much just start scanning every document in your office. But there is a bit more to going paperless than that. You need to think about your paperless workflow. In other words, how will […]


Lawyers Should Take Notes by Hand

Based on this study, at least, there is no question how lawyers should be taking notes: by hand.


Law Blog Week in Review: “North American Legal Principles,” Clearspire’s Clients, and Word v. WordPerfect

New online dispute resolution service eQuibbly promises that “Unlike in government courts, your case won’t be decided based on a technicality or a rule that doesn’t make sense.” Okay, so what rules will it use? I promise I’m not making this up.


The Best Computer Monitor Setup for Lawyers

Lawyers spend much of our time staring at a computer monitor. While you can run Microsoft Word and whatever else you use to manage your practice on a five-year-old laptop (at least), a fuzzy picture, poor contrast, and limited adjustment will ruin your eyesight and contort your spine. Get a good monitor, and set it up properly.


Law Blog Week in Review: Real Solo Numbers, Smashing Up a Gym, and the Future! of Law

Each weekend, I round up the best law blog posts I have found during the previous week. You can help by sending me links using our contact form, starting discussions in the Lab, or tweeting the link to @lawyerist. Or just tell me what I missed in the comments. Highlights from the Lawyerist Sites Network […]


Law Blog Week in Review: A Supreme Court Litigator Writes to a Porn Star’s Lawyer

Plus: innovating carefully, getting rid of trust accounts, data security by delusion, FindLaw, and the lawyer’s equivalent of dropping the mic.


TrueCrypt is Not Secure; Use Bitlocker or FileVault Instead

As of yesterday, TrueCrypt started warning users that its software is no longer secure, and urged them to migrate to Bitlocker (Windows) or FileVault (Mac) as soon as possible.