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Have you written down your MITs today?


Lawyer Argues Case as Thomas Jefferson, is Disbarred Anyway (Video)

Despite his brave but bumbling efforts to defend himself (while in costume), Dennis Hawver was disbarred by the Kansas Supreme Court for “inexplicable incompetence” during a 2005 capital murder trial.

The classic, from the UK. This is the Lord High Chancellor, who gets the prettiest lace.

What Judges Around the World Wear in Court

I like the judges' outfits in Pakistan and Malaysia, which have character and dignity, but are definitely not boring.

The Law Society of British Columbia Has Apparently Banned the Cloud [Updated]

No other North American bar association has gone so far; most are moving in the opposite direction and enabling lawyers to use the cloud.

Professor Jonathan Turley Agrees to Sue the President

Law professor and prolific blogger Jonathan Turley has "agreed to represent the United States House of Representatives in its challenge of unilateral, unconstitutional actions taken by the Obama Administration with respect to implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)."


It’s Still Coaching if You Are Passing Notes Back and Forth

"I would like the record to reflect Mr. Ryan is writing notes to his client while she is answering a question."


Don’t CC Clients on Emails

Think twice before adding your client to the CC or BCC field of an email you are about to send.

Predicting Supreme Court Outcomes

"Jacob Berlove, 30, of Queens, is the best human Supreme Court predictor in the world."


Westlaw Public Records Database Compromised

Although no bank account or credit card information was involved, whoever scraped the Westlaw database now has all the information they need to open some bank accounts and sign up for some credit cards.


Various Plaintiffs Bring Various Claims Against Various Defendants in Various Jurisdictions

Not a joke.


Avvo Advisor’s 15-Minute Consultations Might Actually Work

In a sense, Avvo is taking sides in the debate lawyers have been having for years over whether or not to charge for consultations. With Avvo Advisor, the answer is yes.

The Lawyers Most Likely to Leave Law Practice

From the ABA Journal: Lawyers with “higher levels of resilience, empathy, initiative and sociability” are more likely to leave law practice than those with lower levels of those traits. In other words, don’t hire associates who display the characteristics you actually want in an associate.


LawPal Closes Up Shop

If you were using LawPal, you have until November 30th to download your information. LawPal will delete all user data on December 1st.


Frankie Carbone Sues the Simpsons

Everybody knows Jimmy Two Times is the only character in that movie worth $50 million.


New Solo Technology Shopping List: the Basics

Choosing a laptop and selecting a document scanner aren’t covered in law school. To make it easier, here is my “shopping list” for new solos. Just get what you need and get back to focusing on your clients instead of poring over practice management software reviews. Obviously, this does not cover everything you need, but […]


ABA Wants Solo and Small-Firm Lawyers to Provide More Access to Justice

"How can small law practices (e.g., solo practitioners, lawyers in rural communities, small firm lawyers, etc.) sustainably represent those who do not have access to legal services?"