Randall Ryder

Randall Ryder is a Minnesota consumer rights attorney who sues abusive debt collectors and is a publisher of Elder Parent Help. Follow him on Twitter @randallryder.


4 Things to Consider Before Taking a Case

Not all clients are created equal, and the same concept is true for cases. This is true whether you are starting a new firm, or you are a veteran attorney trying to enhance your bottom line.


How to Ask Another Attorney for Help

Whether you are calling another member of your firm, or another attorney that you know, be respectful of the other attorney's time and advice.


The Bad Clients You Don’t Take Will Be the Best Money You Never Made

Never try and convince yourself that any client is a good client. It’s not that simple.


Law Firm Finances: Everything You Need to Get Started

This is a must-read for anyone who manages a law firm's finances or is even thinking about starting one.


How to Succeed on Law School Exams

How law student can prepare for and succeed on law school exams.


Don’t Refer Bad Cases or Clients

Good lawyers want to help other lawyers by sending them good cases and good clients. Before you try and dump a problem client on another attorney, be sure to think about the long-term implications.


Estate Map Review

Estate Map, a cloud-based tool for estate planning attorneys and consumers, embraces cloud-based technology and provides an easy way to store and share information about one's estate plan and related information.


Be Cautious With Outsourcing or Expanding Your Practice

Many solo attorneys are too quick to add staff or another attorney. Before making that type of investment, make sure you can handle the short-term impact on your practice and pocketbook.


Three Ways to Improve Client Intake

A successful law practice starts and ends with successful client intake. Here are three ways you can improve your client intake and improve your practice.


News Flash: Read Before You Sign

Repetitive work can lead to attorneys becoming overconfident and even lazy when handling cases. Don't let yourself fall into that trap: make sure you read before signing a document.


Is Dropbox Right for Your Practice?

Dropbox is an extremely popular cloud computing option. Just because it's popular, however, does not mean it's right for your practice. Here are some things to consider before using Dropbox in your practice.


The Importance of Long Term Goals for Your Practice

Most solo attorneys operate with the business mantra of "just keep the lights on this month." That's a good place to start, but you need to set your goals higher. If you do, you are 100% more likely to develop the practice you want.


How to Handle an Overflowing Inbox or Task List

Lawyers get paid big bucks to not only handle high pressure situations, but multiple high pressure situations. That can lead to overwhelming moments of "ten things need to happen right now." The next time that happens, here are some ways to try and manage the stress and the tasks at hand.


Three Myths about Solo Attorneys (Part 3 of 3)

There are enough solo attorneys practicing law that you'd think other attorneys would understand their practices. Apparently, that's not the case. Here are three more common misconceptions about solo attorneys. It's go time.


Are Free Case Evaluations a Waste of Time?

In an effort to get potential clients in the door, many attorneys offer free initial meetings or free case evaluations. But when an attorney spends most of their day meeting with potential clients that never become clients, is it a sound policy?