Lisa Needham

Lisa Needham teaches legal writing and skills courses at William Mitchell, semi-professionally snarks over at Wonkette, and still believes in the Oxford comma.


Early Birds And Night Owls Can Both Be Unethical

We all have our bad days, but we have our bad times too. Depending on your chronotype, the times you have to make decisions at may not be your most ethically sound moments.

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Be Less Awful About Your Social Media Use

Social media is not hard. With a dose of common sense, you'll be tweeting, liking, and linking with the best of them.


An Open Source Bluebook May Be Just Around The Corner

Couldn't have happened to a nicer book.

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ToS;DR Teaches You The Terrible Things You’re Agreeing To On The Web

Terms of Service; Didn't Read aims to help you navigate the thicket of ToS and privacy policies that you click merrily past every day.


Abacus Private Cloud: Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Lawyers

Abacus Private Cloud offers the best of of your local machine with the flexibility of the cloud. For those of you thinking about making the move, Abacus offers a private cloud that may fit --- and cheapen --- the bill.


Six Benchslaps to Brighten Your Day

We all live in terror of being benchslapped, but that doesn't stop us from sharing them. Here are six of the best benchslaps we could find.


HIPAA-Compliant Cloud File Services

Staying in compliance with HIPAA is not an easy task. Keep your data safe with these HIPAA-compliant cloud services.


The Legal Tech Audit Proves Lawyers Are Terrible at Technology

After using an early version of his legal tech audit in house, Flaherty teamed up with Suffolk University's Institute on Law Practice Technology and Innovation to make the LTA available for lawyers and law students.


Good Luck Obeying These Parking Signs

Apparently, parking signs are meant to perpetually confuse drivers rather than point them in the right direction. Don't worry bikers, it's only a matter of time before these signs begin to apply to you.


CosmoLex Law Practice Management Software

CosmoLex is the new kid on the block in case management software. Can it can stand up to its entrenched competition?


9 Epic Responses To Legal Threats

In the rare occasion where the absurdity of a threatened legal action matches up nicely with the devil-may-care attitude of a client, you get the stuff of internet magic: the epic smackdown letter.


MerusCase Law Practice Management Software

MerusCase may be a good option for California personal-injury and workers-compensation lawyers, but its lack of mobile access, opacity on pricing, and dated user interface mean there are many better options.


How to Accept Credit Cards from Clients

Accepting credit cards is more convenient for clients and a more reliable way to get paid for lawyers.


Hacking Chaos: The Cornell Method of Note-Taking

It isn't an exaggeration to say that the Cornell Method helps me in every note-taking situation I've encountered in my professional life.


7 Google Docs Add-Ons You Should Try

In the past, we’ve covered some alternatives to Microsoft Word, including Google Docs. For quite some time now, Google Docs has done a lot of things exactly right. Easy collaboration, compatibility with a wide variety of formats, cloud-based, free. However, Docs has also lacked some things that are often necessary for a law practice, like […]