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The Bottom Rung: Episode 6

From Bitter Lawyer: In document review, there are dreamers. And then there are those who can daydream. With their eyes open.

The 4th Tier Law School Kill List

Like the Obama Administration did for terrorists, Bitter Lawyer is assembling list of targets of opportunity — of 4th-tier law schools.

The Bottom Rung is Back: Episode 5

From Bitter Lawyer: There's a mole in the document review underworld and Dave, Frank, and Tim are on a mission to find it.

Petitioning the Job God

Have You Tried Networking? Check out this comic from Bitter Lawyer.

One Hit Away from Getting Out of Doc Review

Meet Paige Brenner, Loyola law grad and solo artist. She blames a drummer for getting her into doc review.

The Bottom Rung, Episode 3

Skolnick is not just a document review gunner. He's a self-described sniper. Episode 3 of the comedy web series The Bottom Rung.

Clients Gone Wild, Episode 2

"I am the only person in your life that is f*cking up your world, and I enjoy it."

The Bottom Rung: Marty Feldman, FIU Law Grad and Doc Review Lifer

Check out Marty Feldman: FIU Law Grad and Doc Review Lifer on Bitter Lawyer.

Check Out Bitter Lawyer’s The Bottom Rung

Did you miss the first two episodes of The Bottom Rung on Bitter Lawyer? Shame on you. Watch them right here, right now!

The Bottom Rung Begins on Bitter Lawyer!

We are very excited to announce the premiere of our new web series, The Bottom Rung, a humorous take on document review hell!

Bitter Lawyer to Premiere New Web Series

Season 1 of The Bottom Rung will premiere next week on Bitter Lawyer, and comes with character sketches & interviews with Matt himself. Tune in!

Should I Go to a State-Accredited Law School?

Will I be limiting my legal career graduating from a state-accredited law school?

Five Godawful YouTube Video Depositions

Five of the most heinous video depo excerpts on YouTube. We’re omitting one we’ll highlight later, but here are the five we’ve curated so far.

Considering Groupon? Watch Out For Legal Landmines

You might think signing up for a "daily deals" site like Groupon is a shiny idea. You might.

Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

Law Firm 10 deletes her Facebook account, and chaos ensues.