Lexis Integrates with Microsoft Office

3033115668 1ea7e6987911 Lexis Integrates with Microsoft OfficeLater this year, lawyers with Lexis subscriptions and Microsoft Office will be able to use Lexis within the comfy confines of Microsoft Word and other applications. The integration should allow attorneys to stay within one program when drafting briefs, rather than clicking back and forth.

If you use Word and Lexis, the integration will make life easier. Clicking back and forth between various programs can be a pain. Be able to click on a case in a brief and have the full version pull up, or having Lexis Shepardize it, looks like a nice function.

One downside is that accessing Lexis through Word will not allow access to the entire Lexis database. Another downside is that Lexis account’s are not cheap. Personally, I prefer Westlaw over Lexis. But big firms with oodles of cash should find the integration appealing, and perhaps enough of a benefit to switch from Westlaw to Lexis.

(photo: penmachine)

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  • Steven Appelget

    I don’t know if I would call the confines of Word “comfy”.

  • Randall Ryder

    The majority of lawyers are comfortable with MS Word because they use it on a regular basis. Sorry to hear about your discomfort.