9 Epic Responses To Legal Threats

9  4  640x320 9 Epic Responses To Legal Threats

Lawyers don’t often get an opportunity to really cut loose and say exactly what it is they (or their clients) are thinking. We couch everything in very neutral terms and our threats are often veiled. But apparently there are vanishingly rare occasions where the absurdity of the threatened legal action matches up nicely with the devil-may-care attitude of a client, and then you get the stuff of internet magic: the epic smackdown letter.

We all long to write one, but few of us ever will. Here are some of the best we’ve found. Some of these were ostensibly written by the clients themselves, but we are just going to pretend that some lawyer somewhere got to give the go-ahead to those as well.

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Legal Humor

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  • Jonathan Kleiman

    “I believe the slur ‘shyster’ is generally reserved for attorneys of the Jewish persuasion. I believe the proper term for someone like myself would be, ermm, eggplant.”

    Enemy of the State (1998 spy thriller film), one of the gangsters calls Will Smith’s character a shyster, to which Smith responds ^

    • Paul Spitz

      What kind of idiot picks a fight with Groucho Marx and doesn’t expect to be humiliated?

      • http://samglover.net/ Sam Glover

        Jack the Ripper, who cut quite a figure in his day.

        I’d roll my eyes, but I’m laughing too hard.

        The “epilogue” is actually the best part:

        Unamused, Warner Bros. requested that the Marx Brothers at least outline the premise of their film. Groucho responded with an utterly ridiculous storyline, and, sure enough, received another stern letter requesting clarification. He obliged and went on to describe a plot even more preposterous than the first, claiming that he, Groucho, would be playing “Bordello, the sweetheart of Humphrey Bogart.” No doubt exasperated, Warner Bros. did not respond. A Night in Casablanca was released in 1946.

  • Jonathan Kleiman

    (FYI I love these)

    Second complaint: you don’t drink Jack??

    • http://happynicetimepeople.com/ Lisa Needham

      We broke up after freshman year of college.

  • Paul Spitz

    Absolutely brilliant. It is necessary to point out, however, that the Cleveland Browns have never been able to replicate that epic smack down on the playing field.

    • http://samglover.net/ Sam Glover

      I never get tired of that letter. While the others have their charm, the Cleveland GC’s letter has to be the most satisfying response to a legal threat in history. My only regret is that nobody was around to take a picture of Dale O. Cox’s face when he read it. I’m guessing he got all red and splotchy, but I’ll never know for sure.

      • Paul Spitz

        Well, the display on my fancy MacBook Air is apparently vulnerable to the coffee that erupted from my nose all over the screen, when I read that response.

    • Doug Humes

      As a “rest of the story” ps to this one, check here: http://www.snopes.com/business/consumer/browns.asp

  • http://www.associatesmind.com/ Keith Lee

    This fails to list one of the best in recent memory, Funnyjunk v. The Oatmeal. See:


    • http://samglover.net/ Sam Glover

      Oh man, you’re right. I’d totally forgotten about that one.

  • Adam Goldberg

    You forgot Wikipedia’s response to the FBI’s demand that Wikipedia remove the FBI logo from Wikipedia. See http://mashable.com/2010/08/03/wikipedia-fbi-seal/.

    • http://samglover.net/ Sam Glover

      That’s the first I heard about it, but it’s pretty good!