Fashionable Footwear for the Commuting Female Lawyer

Pile of various female shoes over white

Whether you walk, drive, take some form of public transportation, live in a warm climate or a cooler one, commuting is likely not the highlight of your day. And for that reason, it is tempting to throw on a super comfortable pair of gym shoes or worn in flip flops when you leave your home instead of the polished pair of shoes you wear once you are in the office.

Getting to and from your office in a put-together and professional condition is important, though, even if it is inconvenient. You never know who you will run into during your commute, and you want to look the part should you encounter that important someone. And, our male counterparts are able to wear one pair of shoes – i.e, their business appropriate shoes – throughout the day, so arriving in a less presentable fashion simply is not acceptable.

Fortunately, it is possible to be both professional and comfortable on your way to and from work. When selecting a good pair of shoes for commuting purposes, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  1. Have some sole. You want a shoe with a solid sole.  Shoes with flimsy soles will not stand up to the elements and will end up looking worn-out and dated within months of purchase.
  2. 2) Look for leather.
  3. Leather and suede tend to stretch slightly and accommodate the contours of your feet.  Synthetic fabrics, such as faux patents, are less forgiving and can cause blisters.
  4. 3) Save the splurge for your office shoes.

The flats you wear during your daily commute are not likely to stay in good condition.  So, choosing an affordable pair that you can replace periodically is best.  If you find a pair you really love, consider buying two so that you have another set ready to go when the first one falls into disrepair.

If you, like so many of us, reach for your TOMS each morning before walking out your front door, consider upgrading to one of these flats:

Nine West Flat 300x399 Fashionable Footwear for the Commuting Female Lawyer

These Nine West black suede flats are as basic as it gets, but perfect for commuting. The gummy sole provides necessary traction and the straightforward look means they will coordinate nicely with almost any outfit.

Lucky Black and White Loafers 300x367 Fashionable Footwear for the Commuting Female LawyerOr, if you want something a little more interesting but still versatile, consider these Dolce Oxford Smoking Loafers. I love the tassel detail and the cork and rubber sole make these shoes suitable for commuting.

Aldo Nude Flats 300x256 Fashionable Footwear for the Commuting Female Lawyer

Because it is summer, a nude-colored pair of flats is a smart way to go. These Dobrus leather flats are great. The asymmetrical cut across the toes is flattering and accommodating, and this beige color is great for all skin tones.

Jacqueline Metal Toe Croc Flats 300x246 Fashionable Footwear for the Commuting Female LawyerFor a slightly more exotic take on the nude flat, consider these Messeca Jacqueline Metal Toe Flats. The upper crocodile embossed material is subtle enough to be office-appropriate. And, these would make great weekend shoes, too.

Ivanka Trump Patterned Flats 300x399 Fashionable Footwear for the Commuting Female Lawyer

For those who want a pattern, I have spotted these chic black and white flats by Ivanka Trump around town. These flats would look great in summer or winter and look especially classy with their streamlined design and modest heel height.

DVF Botswana Flats 300x205 Fashionable Footwear for the Commuting Female Lawyer

Finally, I could not end a post about shoes without a little leopard print. These Botswana Haircalf Flats by Diane von Furstenberg are lovely.  They are the perfect combination of comfort and style, with a little bit of edginess, that still manages to be commute-to-work appropriate.  While the gold may be a bit daring for some, the leopard print itself is actually quite versatile and will pair nicely with any black or brown suit.

(image: Pile of various female shoes over white from Shutterstock)