Bar Exam Tips for the Last Week


Next week is the Bar Exam. I think the best plan is to hole up in a cabin somewhere with your practice questions and a study partner. That’s what my wife and I did, anyway. But no matter where you choose to study, our archives have a lot of great information for Bar Exam–takers.

I think former contributor Laura Bergus probably had the best tip for making sure you actually know the law you will be asked to vomit forth on the exam: practicing writing and stating the rules of law you will be tested on. Nothing else will embed them in your brain quite as well.

Your studying time before the exam is limited, to make the best use of it. Here are 5 tips for the last few days. You will want to think about more than just packing your brain with legal information, too. Spend some time on exam-day performance.

If you are the type who struggles to finish on time, we’ve got 3 tips for finishing the performance test on time, and 5 tips for speeding up your essay-taking.

Finally, learn why some fail, and avoid their mistakes.

And remember, you just have to pass. Any grade higher than passing is wasted effort.

Eventually, the Bar Exam will be over. You may feel out of practice at life. Here’s how to let yourself down easy from your adrenaline high (and crash).

The waiting for results is the hardest part, of course. Chill. It’s out of your hands. Don’t start studying for the February test until you get your results.

Good luck!


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