Other Places to Talk About Law Practice, Technology, and Blogging


We love that you read what’s new on Lawyerist.com, but there are other great places to have running conversations about law practice. Here are some of the other places we tend to hang out.

  • SoloSmallTech, a Google+ community for discussing technology, and other casual geekchat. (The name comes from Lawyerist’s original name.) This is also where we host our Google+ Hangouts. If you like to talk about your gadgets or you are obsessed with productivity systems, you will be right at home.
  • Blawgging, another Google+ community for law bloggers. Membership in this community is restricted to actual law bloggers. If you are one, come on in!
  • Lawyerist.com on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn group is for general law practice discussion. We keep out the self-promotional posts that tend to proliferate on LinkedIn, and we generally expand on the topics we raise on Lawyerist’s front page.
  • The LAB, our forum. Just click over from the header to browse the LAB, where you can publish your own posts or pick the brains of other Lawyerist readers. We regularly highlight the best posts in the forum on the front page of Lawyerist.


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