Come Hang Out with Us on Google+ at 2pm Central Today!


Today, we’re going to do the first in what will hopefully be a regular Friday afternoon coffee break. At 2pm Central, come join us for a Google+ Hangout to talk about technology, productivity, and blogging with me, Ernie Svenson, Adriana Linares, and anyone else who drops by. We can only have 10 people on video at once, but any number of people can stop by to watch and comment.

Grab some coffee and fire up your webcam if you want to be seen, or stop in to watch and chat anyway if you don’t want to show your face.

And, that’s a wrap! Thanks for those who dropped by, and if you weren’t able to get into the Hangout, come again next week!

We talked a lot about the Google+ Hangout itself, since most of us were trying it for the first time. Not everything about it is intuitive or obvious, such as how people who responded to our initial invite are supposed to find the Hangout once it has started. But most people who RSVP’d found it, in the end. I will see if I can figure out how to make things go more smoothly next time.

The idea, by the way, is not for anyone to do a formal presentation. This is not a webinar. It’s more like a coffee break — or maybe office hours. If you would like to chat with people you know from the Internet, drop by next Friday. Bring questions, ideas, or share what you are doing with technology in your practice.

If you want to get an invite to our next hangout, join our SoloSmallTech community on Google+, or just stay tuned. I will remind you of the next one early next week (hint: it will be 2pm Central on Friday).


  • Sarah Daily

    I follow Lawyerist religiously to help me, a non-practitioner and marketing manager of a law firm, to get the best marketing ideas for legal services. I’ve never been disappointed with the content you guys put out until today. I watched about ten minutes of the Google Hangout expecting to hear an exchange of marketing ideas and instead it felt like I was intruding on a group of friends. This won’t deter me from following Lawyerist, I just hope the next Hangout is more productive.


    - Sarah

    • Sam Glover

      I’m sorry you were disappointed, but this was explicitly not meant to be a marketing thing. Nor was it meant to have much structure. If you have questions you’d like to bring to a group of legal geeks, you should absolutely drop in next time and ask them. If you were hoping to watch a marketing webinar, though, you will continue to be disappointed.

  • Sarah

    I understand. Well, thanks for the quick reply and sorry I misunderstood.

    • Sam Glover

      I’m sure I wasn’t clear. I’ll try to make sure to clarify the intent for our next one.

  • Jennifer

    Sorry I missed it, maybe next time

  • Sam


    Think this is a great idea and that there should be more scheduled Hangout sessions for attorneys. I am sorry that I missed this one, but will join next time.

    [Self-promotional stuff removed. If you use VLD, I'm sure Mr. Miller will be happy to tell you all about it. —Ed.]

    Sam Miller
    Virtual Law Direct LLC

  • Sam

    Thanks for posting , but with all good intentions, it would be my preference to simply post the first two sentences of my comment as a contribution to this thread. The Hangout App I think is a good mention in the context of the discussion as it is part of our attempts to make Hangout a useful attorney tool, and at least is a step in the right direction. We would rather you mentioned that than VLD at all. Apologies, though, for anything over the line otherwise.


  • Herb

    I actually enjoyed the hangout, and did not expect it to be something that was broadcast to the whole wide internet. I thought it was just going to be a group of attorneys from across the country chatting. I did not expect a structure, or even really a topic, and assumed that there would be some useful information shared – but that teaching was not necessarily the main goal.

    Certainly, I was one of the main people just sharing stories and suggestions on food and drink in various southern cities (which I maintain does have some value) instead of focusing on productivity or practice tips, so I may be biased, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

    • Sam Glover

      Good to hear. Next time, we’ll keep it private. Maybe it will make sense to put it on air again in the future, but for now, I think we’ll just see where it goes.

      I did put together a Google Doc for topics. That should help us provoke discussion without getting too structured.