Bitter Lawyer’s Best Posts from Last Week (August 20, 2012)

Bitter Lawyer has reached into the fridge and pulled out the best leftovers from last week. Or at least the most-read posts published during the work week ending on August 17, 2012. Let the reheating commence:

  1. Adderall: The Intellectual’s Steroids
  2. Watch Out for These 4 Client Comments
  3. Bitter Lawyer’s Closing Ceremony
  4. I Want to Unionize Doc Review
  5. The Illustrated Guide to the Lawyerly Arts

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  • Dr. Bob

    Hi, I’ve started a humorous (phony) “Advice Blog”. I’m attaching a link to an article on: “How to Find an Honest Lawyer.” Much of the humor is visual, as well as the comments made. Dr. Bob is the self-proclaimed world’s leading expert on everything. The humor is tasteful, but irreverent. I hope to hear back from you. This is all very new. Many of the articles are political and I keep them non-partisan. You’ll need to cut/paste the links into your browser.

    How to find an honest lawyer link:

    Link to Main Blog Topic Snippets:

    Thanks, Bob carter