5 Most Popular Posts on Lawyerist for July 2009

popular111 5 Most Popular Posts on Lawyerist for July 2009In case you missed any of them, here are our most popular posts from the past month.

  1. When Lawyers Spy Through Facebook: the ethics of “regional network” changes
  2. Is it ethical for a lawyer to change Facebook settings in order to investigate or spy on opposing parties? Learn the opinions of nearly a dozen law experts on this potential Facebook legal ethics issue.

  3. The Paperless Law Office: easier than you think
  4. Going paperless is easy. Learn how to create your paperless law office in a few simple steps. We describe what scanner you should buy, how your should process your paper, and how to organize your digital files.

  5. Legal Writing: make yourself understood by making your writing easier to read
  6. Improve your legal writing with formatting tips for making your briefs easier to read and digest.

  7. Subpoena Facebook Information
  8. How to subpoena information from Facebook, or request that Facebook preserve information.

  9. Getting Things Done for Lawyers
  10. How to implement the Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity system for your law office. Key steps include the two-minute rule; do it, delete it, defer it, delegate it; and organizing your tasks and projects.

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