Lawyerist Acquires Legal Humor Website Bitter Lawyer

This week, Lawyerist acquired Bitter Lawyer. We are excited to revive a great humor website, and we have big plans for its future.

We will be posting new Bitter Lawyer content soon, but in the meantime check out Living the Dream, Bitter Lawyer’s hilarious web show about life in big firms, or else browse the great content in the Bitter Lawyer archives.

We are very excited about this new venture. Don’t worry, nothing you like about Lawyerist will change.

If you have any grand ideas for upcoming Bitter Lawyer posts, please let us know.


  • BL1Y

    Finally, people might just stop e-mailing me asking what’s happening with Bitter Lawyer.

  • Gyi Tsakalakis

    Oh boy. This could get interesting.

  • Rob Shainess

    Wow. That’s huge. I’m a big fan of the webisodes.

  • C. Hank Peters

    This is an open invitation to fight any one of your Bitter Lawyer writers. I also challenge nambypamby and that Lowering the Bar dude. I’m not scared of you.

    • BL1Y

      Can I infer from this that you are in fact afraid to fight me?

      • C. Hank Peters

        Are you funny? If you are funny, then I will fight you.

        • BL1Y

          Google “generally pretty damned funny” (with quotation marks).

          Seriously though, you don’t want to fight Namby. He may have just come out of rehab, but he’s been doing P90X

          • C. Hank Peters

            That’s nothing. Try Googling “free fecal accident logs as a benefit of bar membership”

            • Sam Glover


            • Aaron Street

              Chank, by including that phrase in your Lawyerist comment, we now outrank you for it. Zing!

              • C. Hank Peters

                My God, you guys are powerful. I suspect you also have surveillance on me.

  • C. Hank Peters

    Oh, also, if nothing I like about Lawyerist is going to change, would you mind changing some of the things I don’t like. Like the color red. And I don’t like the word “enhance.” Nor any reference, or close approximation thereto or abbreviations thereof, to “cloud.”

  • Phil Rhodes

    Nice marketing move!