Fujitsu ScanSnap s1500 Document Scanner FAQ & Followup

My review of the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 is up to 60 comments, with lots of questions and answers. Here is a followup post with frequently-asked questions so you do not have to wade through those comments.

First off, though, I have had my ScanSnap S1500 for about two-and-a-half months, and I still love it. I am still using my S500, too, although it sits on my desk at home now. It still works like a charm, and I expect that same reliability and longevity from the S1500.

The newest desktop ScanSnap is the iX500, which is also our top scanner recommendation. Check out our ScanSnap iX500 review.

What size documents can the ScanSnap handle?

The feeder is 9″ wide, so the ScanSnap maxes out at just over regular-size pages. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have scanned teeny-tiny receipts, although I do have to move them around to make sure the scanner can tell there is something in there.

The first question concerned passports. I have put drivers licenses and credit cards through there, but I have never tried a passport. However, a Fujitsu consultant assured me a passport should go through just fine.

What kind of software does the s1500 come with?

It comes with the ScanSnap Manager, a small, useful scanning utility. It can work with Acrobat’s optical character recognition (OCR) to recognize text, if you want. (At least I think it goes through Acrobat. It just works, in any case.)

Some ScanSnap Manager software conflicts with the new Windows 7 operating system. There is an easy ScanSnap Manager software fix.

The ScanSnap Organizer is also bundled, but I have never used it. My file system works just fine for organizing documents.

The S1500 also comes with ABBY FineReader, which recognizes text and allows you to scan documents straight to Word or Excel. It works pretty well, too. I was impressed.

And the biggie, it includes Adobe Acrobat Standard 9 (Win) or Professional 8 (Mac). This alone makes the Scan Snap an awfully good deal.

What software should I use to archive documents?

Don’t. Your computer was built from the ground up to organize information. I have not seen any software that adds efficiency. (Although I am always interested in being proved wrong.) I think it makes more sense to just make good use of my filesystem and indexed search.

If you must use something, DEVONthink sounds nifty (if you use a Mac).

Does it work with Linux?

Yep, with no problems. You can use it directly in Linux through SANE, or you can run Windows in VirtualBox and use Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Manager, which is my preference. The ScanSnap Manager is just a nicer utility than the Linux options, in my opinion.

What file types does the ScanSnap support?

PDF and JPEG, but using ABBY, you can also scan to Word and Excel format.

What kind of file sizes can I expect?

It is pretty hard to generalize, since every change in settings will result in different file sizes. But using just a couple of files as an example, here is what I came up with: A one-page color scan on medium quality is a 211.2 KB PDF. A four-page mixed scan (only 1 page color) on medium quality is a 438.6 KB PDF. Hope that helps.

How well does the double-feed detection work?

I was able to force-feed two pages through the scanner without too much difficulty, so not all that well. But I have also never seen the S1500 pick two pages at the same time except when I was forcing them through together.

So on the one hand, I do not think the fancy ultrasonic double-feed thingamajigger is a guarantee. On the other hand, I do not think you need to watch the scanner like a hawk at all times.

Can I use this to scan photos?

Sure. But if you are looking for super-quality, archival scans, get something else. This is a document scanner.


If you do not know what TWAIN is, do not worry about it. You will not notice its absence.

TWAIN is a way that scanners communicate with software. SANE is another way. The ScanSnap uses a similar pipeline through Acrobat.

I think I hit on all the questions from the previous ScanSnap s1500 review post. If I missed something, feel free to ask here or in that post.

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  • Janet Allen

    I’ve been checking but can not see if ScanSnap is compatible with Vista. I have Vista Home Premium on one machine and Vista Business on another. Thanks.

  • Sam Glover

    Oh, absolutely it is. I am using both the S500 and the S1500 with Vista Ultimate.

  • Janet Allen

    Thanks Sam.

  • michael

    Very helpful…. I was planning to get the Rack Filer 2 add on software… seems to be a very simple way to organize the school’s contracts by parents and school year… any thoughts?

  • Sam Glover

    @michael: See “What software should I use to archive documents?” above.

  • SP

    Sam, great information! Thanks.

    Is there any way you could show a PDF example of a scan – maybe a magazine or some generic white paper letter.

    Reason being, I’m really considering the S1500 because on my currents MFC’s the scanned PDF’s look very faded.


  • Sam Glover

    There are a few images in my firm news feed that I took from scanned docs. You can scan documents at whatever resolution you want, but any document scanner should be at least as good as a photocopy.

  • marion

    how do you set up a profile to scan a multipage document and save it as a single file?
    on the old scansnap S510 it was an edit in settings, do not see where that option is now

  • Sam Glover

    It should do that by default. But to get to the settings, just right-click, select “scan button settings,” and then select the “show advanced settings” option. (This is from memory, but it should get you to the right place.)

  • Melyssa

    I need to scan a bunch of old photos and when I use my scansnap (mac) on color, in the excellent quality setting, it still looks bad. Do you have a recommendation for a good quality photo scanner?

  • Landya

    If my office buys a scansnap S1500, can anyone in the office using Windows (with no extra software) search the documents that are scanned (and OCR’d) with the scansnap? That is, do you need to have something like Acrobat Standard to search an OCR’d document, or will a normal “find” search in Windows work?

  • Sam Glover

    Landya, that does not have anything to do with the ScanSnap, it has to do with where you store the documents. As long as everyone has access to them, everyone can search the documents, if you use OCR software to recognize the text.

    The normal “find” in Windows XP will never work to find the contents of a document. If you are using Windows Desktop Search, which is optional in XP and standard in Vista and 7, it will search the contents of documents.

  • Landya

    Thanks so, so much for your quick response. I have had this question pending with Scansnap for weeks but they have yet to respond. I just checked Windows Search and it looks like a free download. Thanks very much for your help!

  • Bill Skoda

    From a price point the S510 and S1500 are pretty close at $400 each (+/- $15). What is the difference between the two models? Thanks.

  • Sam Glover

    The S1500 is the newer model. See the review for more.

  • Kevin Morton

    Sam: I think TWAIN is a big deal if you keep case files in a single PDF. TWAIN allows you to scan directly into an existing PDF file. Without the TWAIN driver, you have to insert a newly scanned doc into the PDF using Adobe commands which takes more steps and, therefore, more time. We had some documate scanners before we switched to Macs, and my staff misses the TWAIN drivers a lot (we use the older scansnaps, the S510M, which work with Macs). Just an FYI.

  • Sam Glover

    I agree TWAIN would allow you to skip a step if you keep your files all as one PDF, but why on earth would you do that?

  • desta elliott

    I know I will go to h*ll for this, but I am considering ripping up my non-fiction books & scanning into a PDF. My goal is to reduce the room my books are taking up and being able to use search techniques.

    How will the S1500 work for a project like this?

  • Sam Glover

    I don’t see how making copies of the books you own is wrong. Sharing those copies would be another story, because unlike physical books, you aren’t allowed to share anything digital. Which makes absolutely no sense.

    Anyway, I think it will work well, as long as you make a fairly clean cut on the spine side of the books.

  • Eric Cooperstein

    In law school I recall taking a UCC article 9 course and being forced to buy a huge paperback text with all kinds of stuff we would never need. I ripped the book apart so i could just carry Article 9 back and forth to school. If I was in school today, I would rip it and scan it (but first I’d look for a way to get a free copy of Article 9 on the internet).

    If the pages are glued to the binding, you will likely have to rip each individual page, unless you rip into small packets and cut the edge in a paper cutter.

  • Eric Cooperstein

    @desta Now you’ve got me all motivated to pull apart my copy of the BlueBook (it’s got a wire binding) and scan it. I’m teaching legal writing again this fall and dragging these books around with me is, well, a drag.

  • Kevin Morton

    Sam: Sorry I wasn’t clearer. I do social security disability work and the case file for a particular client is a single, bookmarked PDF file. (Each client has his/her own PDF file.) As new medical records come in, they are added to the file. During a hearing, I have the bookmarked file on my laptop and can get to any sig. evidence with a click or two.

    Of course, there are lots of other records that are not part of that file (e.g. medical records request, client correspondence, etc.). Each client has a separate folder on the computer where all that stuff is stored. But the official file is a single PDF and having that TWAIN driver makes a difference.

  • Landya

    Sam: We have the Scansnap S1500. Thanks so much for your post!

    My office is using Adobe Reader (latest update) to search and find our documents. Our IT department finds that Windows Desktop Search added to a server slows everything down and is not worth it. Adobe Reader is working just fine so far.

    p.s. We have found that the OCR process misses some terms (e.g., I could not find a case name that was all throughout a document). That is a bummer, but we know the technology will improve with time.

  • Roger

    Thanks for taking the time to post your comparison of the old and new models. We have the old Fujitsu scansnap and will certainly get the newer S1500 at some point – but the old one is still going strong after 4 years, so not sure when we’ll need the new one.

  • James M.

    “Can I use this to scan photos?” Most modern color scanners nowadays output photo scans of acceptable quality. If, however, your photo scans are intended for other than general purposes, you may have to go for scanners of higher optical resolution than regular document scanners. Usually, you’ll know outright if it is capable of outputting good photo scans when it also has a feature for scanning negatives (e.g. comes with extra tray or multiple negative film holder).

  • Martin S.

    I just bought a SnapScan 1500 – love it for basic document scanning/management tasks. However… I work with a custom application for one of my businesses that has a “scan document” button on it – and that application for some reason does not see the SnapScan as an option – only the Brother MFC that I have. Does/should the SnapScan automatically act as a “generic” scanner that any application can see and scan from? The software vendor recommends an HP scanner, but it’s not nearly as functional as the Snapscan. Help!! (and thanks!)

  • Sam Glover

    Martin, I am guessing this goes to the ScanSnap’s lack of TWAIN support. TWAIN is what allows various applications to access the scanner, and since the ScanSnap does not have it, you cannot use those features.

  • Martin S.

    Thank you! I suspect that you’re right, and will confirm with the software vendor.

  • Mister

    If you want to scan using anything but the included ScanSnap software, you will be out of luck with this model. No TWAIN or ISIS driver support, meaning you can only scan with the provided software. You cannot just open Acrobat and select Scan to PDF as the scanner will not appear in the scanner list at all. Someone at my office just ordered one of these without consulting me first and is now feeling stupid for not catching this before shelling out $400. If you need to scan in any other applications, do not get this particular model.

  • Unhappy

    Crap- No TWAIN driver.. .why? I wish I had known to find this out… I figured all scanners included TWAIN drivers… heck the $70 one I got at the office store has it built in.

  • Dev Roy

    I have a ScanSnap S510 already working with a machine with Windows XP Professional, I recently bought another Laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium but could not load the ScanSnap software on this system. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Sam Glover

    You probably just need the driver update from Fujitsu.

  • Joan Sullivan

    I am considering purchasing a ScanSnap and this is the most informative discussion I have found. Thank you. My question is: What if I already have Acrobat 9 Professional? Will everything still work okay? I know it sounds like a stupid question but I know that Acrobat doesn’t permit running two versions at the same time. It should be okay, but I just want to make sure.

    • Aaron Street


      The ScanSnap Manager software is separate from Adobe Acrobat. You should have no problems with your setup.

  • Charles

    I bought this scanner for my law office to replace a slower scanner we’ve had for 5 years. My staff rejected it (went back to the old one) and it now is just used in my office. The reason is mentioned above, but not fully explained: the scanner will not scan directly into Adobe Acrobat, even the copy they give you for free. Instead, you have to scan it into the fujitsu software, period. As noted, it has no driver, the interface between the scanner and other applications. Instead, you have to use the fujitsu software to create a PDF file. The PDF file WILL be compatible with Acrobat. However, the Fujitsu software will not allow you to edit the file. Once the last page is scanned in, that’s it – the file cannot be changed. You have to save it, then open it in Acrobat to edit it.

    Here’s a real world example. Using a scanner with a driver that works with Acrobat, you would scan in a document. Let’s say you determine that one page needs to be replaced. No problem in Acrobat, we usually still have the file open. So we just scan the replacement sheet by appending it to the end of the file, drag it into position and delete the extra sheet. It takes about a minute.

    With this scanner, you cannot do the same thing as quickly. Instead, you have to scan the replacement sheet as its own file and save it, start Acrobat, find the original file, open it, insert pages, find the new file containing the replacement sheet, save the original file with the replacement sheet, then use Windows explorer to find the file containing the replacement sheet again, and delete it. So you’ve had to locate the file three different times. Something that takes under a minute now takes 3 minutes. My staff hated it and so we put the old scanner (one with a driver that allows scanning directly into Acrobat back and I took this scanner, put it in my office, and use it for the occasional odd receipt.

    Similarly, we sometimes will get a receipt for a document we scanned, then filed and then we want to add the receipt to the end of the file. Same process as above: Acrobat takes about a minute and it’s easy. With this thing, you have to locate files many times and the staff found it to be a pain.

    It works very well, but the lack of a driver is sort of a no no in my office. I would wait until they come out with a driver – it’s not a difficult process.

    The scanner itself has fantastic paper handling, some neat features, and is very fast. If all you want to do is scan finished documents into your computer, this is a great product. If you need to manipulate the PDF files by appending or changing them, and you do that regularly, you won’t find this to be the best option.

    Note that there is one more drawback: the files it produces are 2-4 times the size that Acrobat produces from a scanner with a driver. We scanned the same documents using the exact same quality settings for the test. By the way, we have found that nearly all software does not scan as compactly as Acrobat. I’m not a fan of the Adobe company, but unfortunately, the size issue becomes a problem when all of your backups take twice as long and require twice as much space. It doesn’t look like a problem initially, but we’ve been paperless for 5 years and the amount of scans we have are huge. When your backups take 2-4 times as long and 2-4 times as much space, you’ll realize the value of a twain driver that can allow scanning directly into Acrobat.

    With all of the above in mind, you’ll have to decide if the really great paper handling this thing provides outweighs the ease of use it does not. We decided it wasn’t worth it.

  • Sam Glover

    @Charles: What are you using, then? Right now, we have a ScanSnap on every desk (since there are only two of us), but as we grow, I think TWAIN support and a central scanner will be pretty important.

  • Eric Cooperstein

    @Charles When I scan a document that I think I’m going to have to manipulate right away, I just save it to my desktop without renaming it. Then it’s easy to find and open in Acrobat, make the change, and save it to where I want it to go. Admittedly, I have very few icons on my desktop; it would be harder to do with a cluttered desktop.

  • AER

    For the person who asked about books, I can testify that the S500 works _very_ well for books. I scanned a lot of my law books in during lawschool (although I could only do it when the exam was not open book, because I had no desire to buy two books).

    To scan a book, you first get the binding cut off at a Kinkos or other copycenter. All of the Kinkos around me would do it for about $1 (although, amazingly, getting the books “drilled” – holepunched – would have cost about $18. Weird.) When they cut off the binding, be SURE to tell them to take extra off. Left to their own methods, they will cut it so precisely that there will be a tiny glue residue left sticking on the binding of the book, and when that happens, you will have every other page sticking together. Sometimes they will half-stick together and end up ripping the pages. Supposedly there is a solvent that takes the excess glue off if they do screw up, but I haven’t actually used it. Just make sure that they cut it aggressively.

    Also, be sure to test the quality settings before scanning. If you set it too high, the resulting 800+ page PDF is VERY slow to scroll, search, etc. If you set it too low, the book is too hard to read. You really have to find the sweet spot.

    On the upside, scanning all my reference books has been a lifesaver, because I’ve kept my laptop after lawschool, and I have whatever I need available at a moments notice. Who would have thought that I would end up needing the bankruptcy treatise in actual practice?

  • Trudy

    Charles says ‘you have to save it, then open it in Acrobat to edit it’ – I still can’t edit it! I can’t edit, add a text box, or cut & paste. Is there a way to edit?

  • Sam Glover

    You can do all those things, but only in Acrobat. It sounds like you may be using Reader.

  • Trudy

    I’m using Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard that came with our Scansnap s1500. I scan to file and then I can’t edit – just make comments, etc. If I scan to Windows I get pink things and different stuff on the page and my boss hates that! What am I doing wrong?

  • Eric Cooperstein

    @Trudy: You need to run OCR on the document. When you scan it in, it’s just like a picture. The text isn’t recognized until you run the OCR. Then you can copy, paste, highlight. To edit, you need to convert it to a word processing document, which Adobe also does, although not very well.

  • Kevin Stewart

    I am running imacs with bootcamp running Snow Lepard and Vista Ultimate. I am waiting for mu new 1500m to arrive. Can you tell me the difference between the 1500 using vista and the 1500m using Snow Lepard? I am wondering if if I shold be getting a 1500 instead of the 1500m? Thanks Sam!

  • gene

    Sam – what image quality settings do you use? Auto, best?
    I want to mainly scan 8.5 x 11 documents and also some receipts.

  • Sam Glover

    The auto setting should be fine, and satisfies the suggested settings for federal court in Minnesota.

  • Dimitris

    As a couple of other writers have posted, for certain applications — such as medical documentation applications — it’s IMPORTANT to have all docs (images, files, etc) scanned and located under one central Charting tab that makes access to any one of those patient records a snap. Unfortunately, with ScanSnap, this is not the case due to the lack of a TWAIN driver. While simplificiation of the scanning process for many users is great, choosing to omit a TWAIN driver with your scanner is a major drawback for our office. At this point, unless there’s a workaround, I have no recourse but to return the scanner and seek a competitor product.

  • Radu

    Fujitsu’s (stubborn) decision not to provide Twain or Isis drivers makes the scanner just about worthless for most applications.
    We use Omnipage, and scanning works great, just as we want it.
    And if we later decide to use different software, we can with the current scanner, which comes with both drivers.
    Regardless of what the Fujitsu folks say, scanning to PDF is not a Good Thing – not when locked into one application.
    It’s a shame, given the scanner itself has received great reviews.
    On to others, we’ll be looking at the Epson (GT-S50) instead.

    • Aaron Street

      If you are trying to persuade us, you’ll need a better argument than “scanning to PDF is not a good thing.” How so?

  • Sam Glover

    Yeah, I don’t get it. How is scanning to PDF a bad thing? PDF is an open standard; it is not locked into one application. And you must scan to PDF if you want to use your documents with any electronic court filing system.

  • Debby Stewart

    I purchased the scansnap s1550 and it arrived last night. This morning I am in my office attempting to install the software, with no success. It just won’t read the disk, I tried another computer to be sure it wasn’t just mine, but it wouldn’t read it either. Is my only solution to contact Fujitsu? I was really excited about getting this up and running :(

  • Sam Glover

    Try calling Fujitsu and see if they can provide you with a download link or overnight a new setup disc. Here is the number to call.

  • JC

    Forget about downloading the S1500 setup disc. You can do that for S500 and S510, but S1500 is snailmail only. I asked for mine 1/30, and it arrived yesterday – 25 days later :-(.

    BTW – haven’t seen this mentioned elsewhere – the S1500 software runs fine with an S500.

  • Bill Louden

    My wife recently purchased a 1500 for her office based on the recommendations here and loves it. Especially since she isn’t tech savvy. She has found this very user friendly but has one problem. She may scan 1 file that can run several hundred pages and has to email. Has anyone used any programs that will break down the pdf into multiple files based on 3-4mb size files automatically ? Also what are the best settings and software to use to reduce the size of pdf ? All of her documents are B&W typed documents or copies of typed and handwritten medical records. Thanks for any help

  • Sam Glover

    Sending huge documents privately is better done with a CD or USB drive. There are a variety of ways to send larger files (, for example), but not a lot that are truly secure.

  • Bill Louden

    Didn’t really think about her burning a CD. Sometimes the simple solutions are so easy I just over analyze. What settings have you found to work best at keeping resolution but reducing size of the pdf

  • Sam Glover

    The federal court in my jurisdiction wants 300 dpi in black-and-white, so that is what I use, at a minimum.

  • Terry Brown

    I am considering s1500 scansnap to go paperless. My issue is that I have folders for each case file on my laptop. Can I save a scanned document to a particular case folder????

    • Sam Glover

      Yes, Terry, scanned docs are just files, and you can save them anywhere you want.

  • John

    The istallation sofware comes on 2 setup DVD-ROM discs. My computer will only accept a “CD-ROM” is there a work around for this like a website I can go to??

  • Sam Glover

    If you don’t have a DVD drive, I think you will either have to try copying the install media to a CD (if it fits on the smaller disc), or get someone to copy the installation files to a USB drive.

    Or you could just get a DVD drive. They aren’t very expensive.

  • Jonathan P. Oyen


    Regarding sharing of digital media when it comes to books, I believe, one aspect of this matter is, in not allowing it, the proliferation rate in which the book can be “shared” is, potentially, much greater than passing a book from friend to friend.

    Just a Thought,


  • David McLeod

    When I scan to print, the page prints with a gray hue to it. If I scan to a file and then print the file, all is well. Why so? Thanks.

  • Sam Glover

    @David: For tech support questions like that, try calling Fujitsu.

  • Sandi Foster

    We are a municipality and are scanning old minutes. Some of the books have indexes while most don’t. Will it be necessary to locate inormation without these indexes?

  • Ben Garrett

    Great review. I have 2 questions. I typically want all my scanned documents to be OCR’d.
    1. Can you set the ScanSnap to automatically OCR the document as the PDF is being created?
    2. What is the effective page per minute rate for it to scan and OCR standard text documents?

    • Sam Glover

      Yes, and it depends. The speed when you tack on OCR has more to do with your computer than the scanner.

  • Norman Levine

    The software I use for an electronic medical record requires TWAIN drivers for any scanner that connects to it. Is there any way around this with the S1500?

    • Sam Glover

      Not that I am aware of, no.

  • Steve Rindsberg

    You mention “It comes with the ScanSnap Manager, a small, useful scanning utility. It can work with Acrobat’s optical character recognition (OCR) to recognize text, if you want. (At least I think it goes through Acrobat. It just works, in any case.)”

    FWIW, ScanSnap Manager does PDF OCR on its own (Windows version, installed Dec 2010). I haven’t yet installed Acrobat yet, but it’s still doing a good job of OCR on scans I’ve saved to PDF.

    In response to another question regarding searching your OCR’d PDFs, try Agent Ransack (I don’t have a URL handy, but Google knows where to find it). It’s free and it puts any of MS’ search solutions to shame. Very fast and flexible.

    Thanks for all the good info. Your reviews, among others, led me to buy a 1500 and I’m delighted with it.

  • Richard Lane

    You will DEFINITELY miss the TWAIN Drivers. Check scanning via Quickbooks requires TWAIN drivers. While I use my Scansnap s1500 a lot for document scanning and it has been seamless, TWAIN has become a necessity for my business.

    Still searching for a work-around…

    • Sam Glover

      From your website, though, it looks like you are a bookkeeper. I’m not, and neither are most of the people who read this site.

      If you know you need TWAIN, get a different scanner, but most of us don’t use it and don’t need it.

  • Connie

    I have had my scansnap S1500 a year or so, but when scanning color photos my pictures come out most times lately with a red and green line or two through the picture. I have cleaned everything I can find to clean. Does anyone have a solution to this?

    • Sam Glover

      I’ve had that problem before, but it was because I scanned a paper on which the ink wasn’t completely dry, so it left a drop on the scanning “lens” that showed up on everything I scanned afterwards.

      If chealning the “lens” surfaces (I don’t know what else to call them) doesn’t work, try contacting Fujitsu customer support. I’m sure they can help you figure out whether it’s something you can fix or a faulty scanner.

  • Richard Burson

    Does this scanner scan pictures pretty well? My siblings gave me a box of hundreds of old family photos to scan and it’s a slow process with my flatbed scanners. I’m not looking for lab quality but would like a decent scan. I know “decent” is a matter of perception but I’d appreciate any comments. Thanks

    • Sam Glover

      I did a pile of old photos with it, yeah. I’m happy with how they turned out. You can set it to scan to JPG, select a folder, load a stack, and it will plow through them.

  • Catherine Stafford

    I am considering the ScanSnap, but have an odd question—does use of the scanner prevent use of the computer it is attached to during scanning? We have a Brother Multi-Function machine and when we scan on it, our paralegal can’t use her computer. That’s unworkable for us. Would love any thoughts!

    • Sam Glover

      It shouldn’t. If it stops up the computer, there is either something wrong with the computer, or the computer is too old and slow to handle scanning.

      • Catherine Stafford

        Thanks! Our paralegal has the newest computer in the office (decently robust, 6 months old), so we should be good.

        • Eric Cooperstein

          One caveat to what Sam said. If you scan a large document and you use the setting to run OCR on the document, it could tie up the scanner while the OCR is running. The rest of the computer should be okay. That’s why I scan first and then OCR on an as-needed basis (the same thing happens with OCR in Acrobat – a large document will tie up Acrobat while it’s running).

  • Catherine Stafford

    One more question for anyone who uses the Rack2-Filer software—with what comes with the bundle, can you use it from multiple workstations? I would assume it’s one license only, but thought it worth asking. Haven’t been able to figure that out from the Fujitsu website. Not worth getting if only accessible to one of our workstations (three attorneys and a paralegal in my office). Thanks for any thoughts!

  • rene

    I am self-employed and I was wondering if s1500 will actually help to do my accounting in a way that I don’t have to calculate everything manually (if mistake is made, you have to go over again). I do understand that scanner is able to scan almost anything, but will I need additional software to do the math or extract the info from scan snap files? René

    • Sam Glover

      This is a scanner. It scans documents. It is not an accountant, or even accounting software. It doesn’t do accounting.

      You can take the information it scans and enter it into accounting software, but it’s easier to just download your account information from your bank and upload it into your accounting software.

  • Cheryl

    When I open my ScanSnap Organizer I do not see icons for Word, Excel and several others. Did I miss something during the download of the S1500?

    • Sam Glover

      If you want to scan to Word, Excel, or anything else, right-click on the ScanSnap Manager icon in the system tray. Or, if you haven’t changed the default settings, just scan a document. You’ll get those options in the window that pops up once the scan is finished.

  • jim

    Should i get the PC or the Mac S1500 (does one have an advantage over the other)?

    • Sam Glover

      If you have a Mac, get the Mac version. If you use Windows, use the Windows version.

      • jim

        I have both, thus – does one version have an advantage over the other? thanks

        • Sam Glover

          Well, yes. One works with Macs (i.e., comes with Mac-compatible software), and the other works with Windows. Other than that, there’s no real advantage of one over the other.

  • Ed Eckelmeyer

    After scanning a page, resulting in a PDf or JPG file, does one have to annotate the file in some way so that it will have a UNIQUE identifier, e.g. is it necessary to rename the file with an appropriate and distinct file name? If so, regardless of what annotation is applied, it seems to me that a lot of post-scanning work will still required.

    Thanks in advance for a definitive answer.

    Ed Eckelmeyer, Noank Connecticut

    • Sam Glover

      While I think it is always a good idea to add descriptive file names, the scanner gives each document a unique filename, and you can set it to automatically drop them in a particular folder, so that all you have to do is push the blue button. It is highly configurable.

  • Dave S

    Sure, the Scansnap will by default give each scan a unique filename.
    But, I prefer to put in my own descriptive file name- takes less than 10 seconds and I look at it as part of my filing system.
    Overall, the 1500 is a great scanner and I’d buy it again in a second. Only negative in my experience: the feeder sometimes jams (usually for one of 2 reasons: sometimes in beginning of scanning it will feed 2 pages at once- if you put just a few pages in the feeder at first, then just put the rest of your stack on the feeder, it seems to prevent a jam; and, sometimes the pages mis-align and go into the feeder crooked causing a jam- the sides of the feeder tray need to be taller/deeper to keep the paper aligned).
    Again, this is a really good scanner- and since it fits easily on your desk, you can integrate it into your work day.

  • Michael

    I realize these comments are years old, but in response to Eric, I’m a 3L. Ive been scanning all my case books since day one. After transferring the books to my iPad, I use iAnnotate, Goodreader, and Notable for annotations and lectures. Not a day passes without someone asking about my workflow. Recently, I started creating audio versions of OCRed PDFs. Anyhow, just ordered the s1500 based on your review! Thanks.

  • michael chayes

    I have been considerng the try neat til I aw your comments. I an inthe insurace industry and also manage money. For my date base I use broker ally, can you tell me If the Scaner 1500 is compatable with Broker Ally? I was told the neat was comptable? Ido not know who to trust as I have been fooled before. Thank you and I ook forward to your advise.


    Michael Chayes.

    • Sam Glover

      No idea. It depends on what “compatible” means to you. The ScanSnap, like the Neat, can create JPGs or PDFs, mainly. Those are compatible with nearly everything. If you are looking for some link between the two, you probably need a scanner with TWAIN support, which the ScanSnap does not have.

  • Zlatko Kapun

    If scanner does not support TWAIN,WIA and ISIS protocols for other OCR applications in Windows, is there any other way or protocol to comunicate with scanner in Windows?
    I am software developer and can write additional mode in our application to arhive documents just for interact with scanner.
    Driver for Linux supports SANE protocol, but for Windows i have no idea, how can even OmniPage comunicate with scanner (is menitoned in comments).
    If you have any information, it would be great for me. Thanks.

  • Lauren

    Have you ever tried scanning plastic cards such as a driver’s license with it? I am looking for a scanner that does plastic cards as well as fast scanning.


    • Sam Glover

      I use mine for scanning drivers licenses all the time. Works like a charm.

  • Pamela DuVal

    Can you scan and organize business cards?

    • Sam Glover


  • Jim

    Can the S1500 scan and read Driver’s Licenses and also capture the image … if so, can it be set to do BOTH at the same time? JIM

    • Sam Glover

      Yes, but the S1500 is old news. If you’re in the market, you should be looking at the iX500.

  • Ed

    We have a small shop and am looking at this or the TryNeat to scan in invoices. Will it recognize invoice numbers and amounts? Do I “teach” it where to look on the document?