Big changes at Lawyerist–welcome new readers!

lawyerist111 Big changes at Lawyerist–welcome new readers!

Lawyerist is now part of Lawyerist Media, LLC

We are excited to announce that the Lawyerist blog is now part of Lawyerst Media, LLC. Lawyerist is a leading legal website providing guidance on issues of marketing, legal technology, practice management, ethics, and careers.

Sam started this blog in January 2007, calling it “SoloSmallTech,” and wrote primarily for solo and small firm lawyers. The original blog focused on “geek stuff,” the software and gadgets that lawyers use.

In the Fall of 2008, the name changed to “Lawyerist: the lawyering survival guide,” with a broader focus on online marketing, blogging, social networking, billing alternatives, legal ethics, and issues relevant to all lawyers.

Now, in March 2009, Sam Glover and Aaron Street have joined forces to expand Lawyerist and provide more value to our readers.
paperless office cover111 Big changes at Lawyerist–welcome new readers!

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We have just launched a FREE monthly email newsletter, the Lawyerist Insider, to provide regular practical tips and tricks for how to build your practice and make you more successful.

As an added incentive for those who subscribe to the Lawyerist Insider, we put together “The Paperless (Law) Office,” a resource for lawyers and law firms interested in ditching (most) paper to save money, increase productivity, and achieve better organization.

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